Not sleeping has its consequences

I’m so tired that in the last hour I put used paper towels in the washing machine, almost caused a car accident and pushed the pram through the park with my eyes closed because that almost counts as a nap.

Tomorrow will be six months since I last had a peaceful night of unbroken sleep. The fact that I’m happy when I manage to sleep for three hours makes me want to cry.

First long nap

Molly took a 2 hour long afternoon nap for the first time in her life today!

But she also woke up and insisted on being entertained at 5.40 in the morning so I guess these two things balance each other out.

Skiing trip


Fifth day of our skiing trip.

Today I went skiing on my own and so far it was quite eventful. I got a free skiing lesson from a retired Austrian ski instructor I met on a chairlift, I fell down hard while walking into a restaurant, I lost a ski pass but in my skiing jacket, I found a random key, probably from our skiing trip two years ago.

I’ll now finish eating my greasy chicken and try to get on a ski lift by using the magic key.


Starting with solids

A month ago, it was recommended by our doctor to start feeding Molly solids. So far we tried quite a few different things so there’s enough information for a list of likes/dislikes.

Food Molly spits out immediately with a disgusted face: carrots, apples, pears.
Food Molly spits out immediately with a straight face: zucchini.
Food Molly keeps in her mouth for a few seconds before spitting it out: bananas.

Actually, it turns out we really just have a list of dislikes.

Third wedding anniversary

Three years ago on this date, Jay and I had our first drink of champagne out of McDonald’s coffee cups as a married couple after almost being late to our own wedding. This year Molly gave us the nicest gift – the best night of sleep since she was born.
I’m a very happy girl and feel full of love for my little family.

Baby’s superpower

Molly’s superpower is making extremely loud noises even with the dummy in her mouth. It’s a useful skill when you have a lazy mum who thinks she deserves to sleep longer than 4 hours a night.

Baby snooze button

How to get Molly to please be quiet just for fifteen more minutes please, please please please, please?

Take her out of her sleeping bag and remind her that she has feet! Apparently, the task of putting feet in your mouth requires a lot of focus and concentration.
I discovered a new snooze button!