Mama wins at hide and seek. Always.

Molly’s awful at playing hide-and-seek. She’s not terrible at finding me (especially when I hide behind the door) but when it’s her turn to hide, she just stands in front of me while I count and laughs when I open my eyes to start searching. Even if I tried really hard to find shitty places to hide, there’s no way she could win this game. Mama – 427, Molly – …

Grumpy wedding anniversary

It’s almost 4 a.m. and, because Molly’s sick and can’t sleep, I also only slept for half an hour so far. I’m going to be very grumpy tomorrow, Molly’s going to be very grumpy tomorrow and if she doesn’t fall asleep in 4 minutes, I’m waking Jay up so he’ll also be (very) grumpy tomorrow. Knowing all this for a fact, I’d like to use this opportunity to wish my …

First carnival party

Lara and Molly took Željka and me to a carnival party. Molly was supposed to be a panda but even though she knows nothing about animals, she wanted to apply makeup herself. She also refused to wear her hood with a panda face so she pretty much looked like a toddler in pajamas with a muddy face. Lara was a princess fairy.

Learning Chinese

I just spent the last seven minutes of my life watching a youtube video on learning Chinese and repeating after the teacher. Those accents are difficult! Then I caught myself doing it and realised I had NO IDEA how or why I started doing it in the first place.

Why not sleeping is good

So many positive things about a 16-month-old toddler still not sleeping through the night! Here are just a random few: -you get a great cardiovascular workout by getting out of bed every couple of hours; -you exercise your patience by trying to calm down a wriggly toddler and stay calm yourself; -you develop intellectually by reading in the middle of the night while waiting for your child to stop singing; …

An afternoon at the lake

We managed to catch the last rays of sunshine at the lake. There was a homeless guy sitting on a bench, drinking a beer. People pretended not to see him and he stared at them, singing loudly and angrily as they walked past. He looked lonely so I smiled at him as we walked by. Molly probably did too because he gave her an embarrassed look and he didn’t sing behind …

I don’t need a glass

Molly’s new favourite ways of drinking water (or at least getting water in the proximity of her mouth): a) putting her hand in Klara’s water bowl then licking the water off the hand and b) putting her water bottle in Klara’s water bowl and trying to drink from it.