Disgusting things I caught Klara eating

Disgusting things I caught Klara eating, listed from “I wouldn’t eat that” to “This makes me want to puke”:

-half chewed food Molly spat out and threw on the floor,
-half eaten burger found next to the trash bin,
-random used tissues,
-half digested pasta someone puked out,
-sheep poo,
-goose poo,
-human feces

First driving lesson

I had a missed call on my phone, but when I called the guy back, he said he couldn’t talk because he was in a driving lesson. And he’s not a driving instructor. I’m not sure he understands how driving actually works.

Lesson one: do not answer the phone when driving, especially if you’re still learning how to drive.

It’s nice when you find yourself entertaining

I was tidying up the kitchen with my back turned to Molly when I heard her laugh out loud. She was taking sips of water and spitting them back out.

I thought I probably shouldn’t encourage her to play with food but it did seem like a lot of fun so I was torn between telling her to stop and laughing along. I chose to smile with my back turned away from her. Until I decided that her happy, throaty laugh and that moment, in general, were too precious to miss just for a sake of discipline so I took out my camera and filmed it all.

Lost in translation?

A neighbour commented today on “how big our son was” and the woman whose dog Klara sometimes plays with told me that “our boy has really nice blonde hair”.

It doesn’t bother me at all that people mistake Molly for a boy, but I talked to these particular people about Molly at least 10 times in the last year. Maybe my German’s way worse than I thought.