Why not sleeping is good

So many positive things about a 16-month-old toddler still not sleeping through the night!

Here are just a random few:
-you get a great cardiovascular workout by getting out of bed every couple of hours;
-you exercise your patience by trying to calm down a wriggly toddler and stay calm yourself;
-you develop intellectually by reading in the middle of the night while waiting for your child to stop singing;
-you get to spend so much more time with your lovely precious baby who’s growing up so fast;
-you have a constant source of inspiration for your blog posts which bring you closer to your friends…

Thank you, dear Molly, for not allowing me to waste my time on stupid stupid stupid sleep. Who needs sleep? I hate sleep.

An afternoon at the lake

At the lakeWe managed to catch the last rays of sunshine at the lake. There was a homeless guy sitting on a bench, drinking a beer. People pretended not to see him and he stared at them, singing loudly and angrily as they walked past. He looked lonely so I smiled at him as we walked by. Molly probably did too because he gave her an embarrassed look and he didn’t sing behind our back. We also saw lots of ducks, swans and old people. Molly touched a few piles of dirty snow and then it was time to go home.

I don’t need a spoon

I made a mistake when I served muesli to Molly this morning. She didn’t want me to feed her but she almost immediately gave up on the spoon, so she was eating milk with her fingers. It was highly inefficient but it lasted for a while because she’s quite stubborn and I’m not.

We switched to a banana after a while, but not soon enough.