Candy Crush makes me feel bad

I’m fine with Candy Crush saying “Level failed” when I don’t complete the level. But it makes me feel really bad when again I read on the next screen “You failed”.

Yes, I know! Why does it have to tell me twice?! Couldn’t the other message be motivating? Like “I’m sure you’ll succeed in removing all the jelly now” or “It doesn’t matter that you’re wasting your time, you’re sooo good at this game!”

Candy Crush makes me feel like a failure. That’s not nice of you Candy Crush!

Baking sucks

On those rare occasions when I bake, I’m unsuccessful at it, but after watching “The Great British Bake Off” today, I felt inspired.

I found a recipe, I carefully weighed the flour and butter, I took out never-before-used food processor and preheated the oven (none of which I usually do because I’m too lazy – maybe that’s why I’m crap at it?) and I felt really good about the whole baking thing until I realised we have no eggs at home.

I guess I skipped the first step in which you actually check if you have all the ingredients. Baking’s difficult!