Lost in translation?

A neighbour commented today on “how big our son was” and the woman whose dog Klara sometimes plays with told me that “our boy has really nice blonde hair”.

It doesn’t bother me at all that people mistake Molly for a boy, but I talked to these particular people about Molly at least 10 times in the last year. Maybe my German’s way worse than I thought.

Baby’s favourite cuddly toy

Door stopperThey say a baby should have a cuddly toy to carry around with her to feel safe. Molly wasn’t interested in any toys of that kind until recently when she discovered a doggy, who she’s very affectionate towards. Unfortunately, he happens to be a door stopper, too heavy and impossible for her to even lift, let alone carry anywhere.

I guess she’ll feel very safe in front of her room at least…

Everything freaky is less weird with a dog

Almost all of the potentially weird things seem less freaky if you have a dog with you. Hanging out in the bushes, walking through the park after dark, screaming random commands…

But if you choose to drink coffee out of a normal coffee cup while sitting in a parked car, having a dog sit next to you on a passenger seat, surprisingly makes you seem weirder.

Meeting an apologetic dog owner

A tiny dog, off the lead, on the pavement of a busy road, jumped on Klara. His owner apologised but didn’t call him and he kept him off the lead.

The dog kept following us and jumping on Klara but his owner just kept apologising, without calling the dog even though I was pulling my dog away and pushing the pram.

Eventually I stopped to see what happens and the owner did put his dog on the lead. After the dog PEED ON THE PRAM. That got us all confused.